At Hemple want you to take your food and mood to the next level. That’s why every one of our functional products is designed to help you feel your best.

We’re on a mission to help you sort out your gut health, improve your mood, sleep patterns and energy levels. As a bunch of bio-hackers, we can tell you this is a life-changing goal.

It does NOT need to be an overwhelming, boring or clinical pursuit. Our approach is to make the journey towards huge positive change interesting, delicious and doable.

We tend to talk a lot*, but in short, you’ve stumbled across our passion project, Hemple. Products and ideas to help you hack your body and build its resilience. All made with our favourite plant – hemp. The only plant that can feed you, house you, clothe you and heal you.

*if listening to us nerd out on CBD oil, cannabinoids and cutting edge health and wellness is your jam, check out our podcast

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