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Finally, an Organic CBD Oil You Can Trust

Get up to 10x The Power of Your Standard CBD Oil with our Full Spectrum Nano CBD


Hi, my name is Georgia Branch and, along with my co-founder Cade Turland, we’ve created a 100% organically grown, full-spectrum CBD Oil powered by N-Osmo™ technology.

Whether you’re new to hemp products or an experienced pro, it’s my firm belief that everyone should be consuming a high quality CBD oil.

The proof is in the numbers.

More than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep, according to the CDC. Eight in 10 Americans say they’re under too much stress.

And inflammation-based health issues are on the rise.

Nearly 350 million people worldwide and 43 million people in the United States are affected by health challenges traced back to chronic or acute inflammation.

It’s clear the current health system and set of solutions aren’t working.

And more and more people are looking for natural solutions to take their health into their own hands.

That’s where supplementing with a high quality CBD oil can help.

Studies have shown it can have powerful effects on the endocannabinoid system and host of other health benefits including:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing levels of stress and anxiety
  • Support with healthy sleep
  • Support with digestive health
  • Support with cardiovascular health

And that’s just the beginning.

In the new and exciting field of CBD research, scientists are uncovering more possible benefits each day.

The problem is wanting these benefits and actually receiving them are two completely different things.

Turns out, many CBD oil companies cut corners and end up producing oils that may inhibit and, in some cases, even reverse(!) the health benefits a quality CBD oil should provide.

For example, some companies use harsh chemicals like butane to extract the CBD from the cannabis plant.

Here’s the thing: This practice works extremely well for extraction, but it comes at a cost…

Those harsh extractants can leave behind dirty toxins and dangerous resins … which I probably don’t have to tell you is not good.

Another challenge is that even if you do find a CBD oil that was extracted properly, getting it absorbed in your body can post a whole other set of issues.

That’s because consuming CBD oil orally or topically isn’t the most effective method. The CBD oil needs a faster way for getting into your bloodstream and tissues.

Some turn to vaping (or using e-cigarettes to inhale CBD) for its rapid and higher absorption levels, but that can be a turn-off for people, aggravate respiratory issues or not be even an option in many public places.

So we decided to do something about it.

We spent months working to develop a way for you to absorb more of what you spend your hard earned money on.

And we came up with N-Osmo™.

N-Osmo™ uses clean, ultrasonic therapy to shrink CBD oil molecules. This process allows the CBD to pass easily through the cell wall and get to work, so you feel in control – fast.

So you’ll get the fast and efficient relief you love about using a vape pen, without the vape.

When you combine our organically grown, CO2 extracted, broad spectrum cannabinoids with this rapid absorption technology, you get a CBD Oil unlike any other.

In fact, it’s up to 10x more efficient than a traditional tincture, so you feel good up to 10x faster.

With our Nano CBD Oil, we wanted to raise the bar for what to expect from your CBD Oil. And that’s exactly what we did.

Not only is our Nano CBD Oil absorbed up to 10x better than other oils, but it’s free of pesticides, herbicides, mould, fungi and dangerous mycotoxins.

We make sure of this by using cutting-edge testing and world-class equipment to ensure our products are safe and healthy.

And quality isn’t just something we say is important.

We back it up with 3rd party independent laboratory testing and publish the results for the world to see:

(And see the quality for yourself!)

If you’re looking for a CBD oil you can trust, look no further.

It’s the only oil I use daily. I recommend it to my family and friends and stand behind it fully.

I know you’ll love it the moment you give it a try.

Sigma At A Glance
Look inside the formula that’s taking the world by storm!

Product Facts:

  • Active cannabinoids per bottle: 300mg Nano full spectrum CBD ~ equivalent to up to 3000mg standard CBD oil
  • Contains: 0.03% THC
  • Servings per bottle: 30
  • Serving size: 1ml
  • Active cannabinoids per serve: 10mg / 1%

Terpenes present & their effects:

  • Guaiol – known for promoting healthy levels of inflammation
  • trans-Nerolidol – known for promoting feelings of relaxation
  • alpha-Bisabolol – known for support with healthy levels of inflammation
  • trans-Caryophyllene – known for support with anxiety and health levels of inflammation
  • alpha-Humulene – anti-inflammatory qualities


Take 1-2 full squeezes of the pipette under the tongue or in water.

Purified water by reverse osmosis, Hemple N-Osmo Hemp Extract (concentrated hemp flower derived cannabinoid and terpene rich hemp oil), saponin extract, ascorbic acid

Country of origin: USA
Flavor: Natural

30-Day Guarantee
Every order from Hemple is backed by our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Try it for up to 30 days and if you aren’t thrilled with the results, just send back the empty bottles for a full refund.


Choose wisely … Most CBD oils are garbage!

In any industry, there’s good, bad and down-right dirty companies. The CBD oil industry is no different.

Some companies go to extremes to ensure they deliver the best product with the maximum benefits to you. While others put the cheapest thing they can legally put in a bottle and try to sell it to you.

The good news is you can usually spot the frauds in an instantly.

After years of working in the industry, seeing the inside of CBD factories and visiting the farms where cannabis is grown, I’ve compiled a list of 7 things you need to know before purchasing any CBD product online.

They range from what to look for in lab testing to reading the label and dosing―this guide will equip you with the knowledge to safely buy CBD online.

1. It Must Be Tested by a 3rd Party Lab.

When you purchasing any CBD product, look for 3rd party laboratory testing.

Companies that have had the testing done should easily be able to make the reports available to you.

If you can’t find the lab test or the company won’t provide them, that’s red flag number one and something to be highly suspicious of. What are they hiding?

Some companies may only give their lab reports if you’ve purchased their product or put in a formal request. But they should at least tell you this information if you ask.

2. The Oil Contains 0.3% THC or Less

THC is illegal in most states. And in order for a CBD product to be legally sold around the United States, the maximum amount of THC allowed is 0.3%. This is the amount that is considered to be safe and free from the psychoactive effects of THC.

3. There shouldn’t be any additives or fillers in the ingredient list.

Just like with food, if there a ton of ingredients with names you can’t pronounce, you should probably avoid an oil that contains any (or too many) additives.

4. Look for Full Spectrum CBD… NOT Isolates!

When you’re purchasing CBD, look for products that say “full-spectrum” on the label instead of CBD isolate.

A CBD isolate product contains only the CBD compound. That means it has been isolated from the other cannabinoids and compounds that occur naturally in the hemp plant.

In contrast, “full spectrum” means the product includes not just CBD, but other naturally occurring cannabinoids (like CBG and small amounts of THC), and terpenes and essential oils. On top of the health benefits of the “entourage effect”, this makes for a richer taste and smell. You might also see products labeled broad spectrum; this just means the THC has been taken out entirely but all the other beneficial compounds remain.

5. It must be CO2 Extracted

CO2 extraction is the standard. It’s safe and delivers a pure end product. Other methods leave behind messy residue and toxins.

6. The product should be priced fairly.

When it comes to CBD oil, the cheapest product is rarely the best. In fact, sometimes being too cheap can be an instant red flag that the company has cut corners or sacrificed the quality of the oil.

Because the reality is growing quality hemp products isn’t cheap. In fact, it cost a lot money to raise each plant. But when you don’t compromise on quality, that’s how you reap the benefits that CBD oil is known and loved for.

Our nano technology means you’re getting the best value for money, as it’s the most effective and bioavailable type of CBD tincture you can buy.

You’ll be thrilled to know that our NANO CBD OIL is a CBD supplement that meets the above mentioned criteria and more.

If you want to say goodbye to stress, support your immune system, and get deeper more restful sleep, I highly encourage you to give NANO CBD OIL a try!

I strongly believe that NANO CBD OIL is the best CBD oil supplement on the market and there is no other formula like it in the world.

With NANO CBD OIL you are getting only the highest quality CBD oil that’s backed by rigorous 3rd party lab tests.

And of course, just like with all our products, NANO CBD OIL comes with our 30-day, Money-Back Guarantee.

So there’s nothing to lose, and benefiting from NANO CBD OIL couldn’t be easier. Just put 1 drop on your tongue with breakfast and 1 drop before bed, and let science do the rest.


I am so certain that this is the best quality supplement in its category on the market with the best formulation that if you try it and don’t see the results you’d like in 30 days, I will give you a full refund.

Why would I make such an offer? Simply put: I believe in this product and I know once you give it a try, you will too. And if you don’t absolutely love it, I’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked, just send back the empty bottle … so there is zero risk for you to try it today!