Our mission

Our mission is to eliminate 1 million single use tincture bottles by 2022.
It is our goal to be the leading waste-free, carbon negative business in the CBD space.

The start.

Hemple was founded in 2017, with a mission focused on consumers feeling great. Whilst this has been both rewarding and successful the wider impact the Wellness industry has on the environment is a huge problem. Wellness shouldn’t make the planet sick.

It is hard to admit, but as a business, we got so far off track and woke up at the end of 2019 in a daze trying to understand what made us stray so far off from our TRUE path. 

Therefore, we decided to stop, pull back, recalibrate ourselves and find our true calling.

We have revisited the whole way we have done business. Designing a solution to the question: 

“How can we offer high quality products to our customers without any harm to the planet, by being 100% carbon negative and drastically reduce/eliminate our packaging waste?” 

Our pledge.

Our pledge to you is that if we can do better, we WILL do better. Product innovation, transparency, honest pricing and education.

At Hemple, we don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. We focus on what can make the highest positive impact today and promise to keep striving to push our model to the next level of sustainability. Because we believe a sustainable future is a sexy one.

Hemple is a company you can trust to invest into you and your future.

128 billion

The personal care industry produces 128 billion pieces of packaging each year.


1 Million

Our goal is to reduce 1 million single use tincture bottles by the end of 2022.



We've got one planet. Let's take care of it and make a difference together.

We give back

As a company we leave no leaf unturned on a journey to becoming carbon negative by 2022

We acknowledge the ‘true costs’ with our products and take responsibility to offset both social and environmental impacts.

We take our environmental impact seriously.
We are proud to be carbon neutral (With the ambition to be carbon negative by 2022)

When a refill is made, we commit to:
- Taking 50 bottles out of the ocean with every sachet.
- Planting a tree per sachet which sequesters 50 pounds of carbon in a year.
- Taking 100% responsibility for the recycling of the sachets through our close loop solution, ensuring our sachets don’t end up in landfill.

We don’t forget about the sins of our past
Different industries have affected marginalised industries in different ways. We allow for these social indifferences caused by the industry to be amended and eventually corrected by our commitment to the last prisoner project working to release Americans from low-level associated Cannabis crimes.

Working in the wellness industry for years have made me realise the damage single use bottles has on the environment. More than 1 billion single use tincture bottles are being produced and thrown out every year. This is not sustainable. It’s time for companies to take responsibility and invest into the future and the people.

Hemple as it was before was a part of the problem, and that’s why I decided to make a change, a change for the better.
I’m proud to be able to bring people high quality CBD with no harm on the planet or the people. The Earth is what we all have in common. Join us on our journey!

Cade Turland
CEO & Founder
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