CBD, but make it sustainable.

The first reusable bottle in the CBD industry.

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Commitment is shown by action. At Hemple we have chosen to eliminate waste by rethinking the way we get CBD to you. Let's ditch the bottle together and commit to the future.


The future of CBD is here

Let's ditch the single-use bottle together and join the first ever refill solution in the CBD industry.

The Couples Starter Kit
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Echo Reusable Bottle
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Relax Starter Kit
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Sleep Starter Kit
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Sleep Refill
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Relax Refill
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"I have found Hemple's products to be very helpful in managing my anxiety"

- Liza R

"I take it at the signs of anxiety and I find it really helps me. Thanks Team"

- Steve K

"When I got into bed I had no racing heart or mind. I feel like I fell asleep a lot faster than I have in a long time"

- Emily S

"My heart rate lowered, my mood mellowed, my breath slowed and my muscles noticeably eased - all within 20 minutes"

- Carrie L

How To

Easy as order, refill, return we recycle

  1. Order, and get your bottle and choice of sachet

  2. Refill your forever bottle

  3. Return your sachet back to us

  4. Recycle sachet by leaving it in our hands

Pre-order now
Be a part of the first ever refill solution in the CBD industry. Bye single-use!

Our aim is to eliminate 1 million
single use tincture bottles by 2022

Glass isn't an option when it’s single use. It’s heavy, inefficient to manufacture and only 30% get recycled.

We love hemp and CBD and we are sure you do too. Our goal is clear, Hemple needs to be sustainable in every way,

therefore as a company we offset anything and everything we do.

We need you and your mates to ditch the bottle and join the re-useolution.

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Our promise to you

World friendly

We are a business built on the foundation of environmental and social investment. Investing both into our consumers and the world.

High quality CBD. Affordable price.

High quality

We guarantee the highest quality CBD for an affordable price, and will continue to innovate and create formulas to help you feel your best.


If we can do better, we will do better. We promise to continually innovate; getting you products you need with no impact to the world involved.

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