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What are the Benefits of CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol benefits are very well documented all over the world. Better known as CBD, this natural remedy is an oil extracted from the hemp plant. CBD doesn’t produce the “high” feeling that people get with traditional cannabis. This fact makes it very appealing for people who want relief from pain without any mind-altering effects. Manufacturers make CBD oil by extracting CBD from hemp. Then, they dilute it with a carrier oil like hemp seed.

CBD Oil Benefits List

The health and wellness world, especially holistic medicine, is helping CBD gain momentum. There are scientific studies that confirm several CBD benefits, including treating anxiety and chronic pain. We’ve rounded up several CBD oil benefits with scientific studies to prove them.

1. Effective for Pain Relief

Scientists recently discovered that CBD oil has pain relieving properties. Your body has a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system works to regulate several bodily functions, including appetite, sleep, immune response, and pain. Your body naturally produces neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids. These neurotransmitters bind to your nervous system’s receptor.

  • One study showed that CBD injections could reduce the pain response in and around a surgical incision.
  • A second study showed that the oral use of CBD oil could reduce inflammation and sciatic nerve pain in significant amounts.
  • A third study found that applying CBD oil to your joints could reduce inflammation. It also worked to block pain receptors, and this helped people with arthritis.
2. May Reduce Acne and Acne Breakout Frequency

More than 9% of the population around the world has acne, and this makes it a very common skin condition. Acne is thought to come from a variety of factors including bacteria, an overproduction of sebum, and genetics. Emerging research shows that topical use of CBD oil may help to clear up acne by reducing sebum production and the anti-inflammatory properties.

A test-tube study showed that CBD oil can stop your sebaceous gland cells from over-producing and excreting sebum. It also brought anti-inflammatory properties that stopped inflammatory cytokines from causing breakouts. A second study supports CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties and showed that it helped to clear up breakouts.

3. Displays Neuroprotective Properties

Scientists believe that CBD oil may have positive effects on people with neurological disorders due to the ability to act on the endocannabinoid system. This is excellent news for people with disorders like Epilepsy, Dravet syndrome and Parkinson’s Disease.

One study highlighted the effectiveness of oral CBD oil usage and seizure reduction in a child who had Dravet syndrome. They compared it to a placebo and found that the CBD oil was much more effective. It is important to note that the children did experience diarrhea and fevers during the treatment. But, it doesn’t have concrete links to CBD oil use.

CBD oil studies also showed that it’s effective for helping to improve the quality of life for people who have Parkinson’s disease. It’s also shown promise in decreasing inflammation levels and helping to prevent neurodegeneration in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Could Alleviate Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

Depression is the single biggest contributor to disability in the world, and anxiety isn’t far behind in sixth place. Both of these disorders can have a completely devastating impact on your general well-being and health. Common treatments for anxiety and depression can have unwanted side effects like insomnia, agitation, headaches, and more. This leads people to turn to natural sources.

One study took 24 people who had social anxiety disorder and split them into two groups. One group was given a placebo, and one group received 600 mg of CBD. At the end of the study, researchers found that the group taking the CBD supplement had less cognitive impairment and anxiety than the placebo group.

Animal studies have shown that CBD oil can have antidepressant-like effects when researchers administer it in safe doses. It’s believed that CBD has this positive effect because it impacts your brain’s serotonin receptors. These receptors regulate social behaviour and mood.

5. Might Benefit Heart Health

CBD oil benefits extend to your circulatory and cardiovascular systems. One study gave 10 women and men a 600 mg dose of CBD and found that it reduced their resting blood pressure levels. In turn, this reduced the risk of a stroke or heart attack. A second study found that CBD oil can reduce oxidative stress and prevent damage to your cardiovascular system.

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